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Frank Edward Blakey was a character in Emmerda
Emmie ep 128

Frank with wife Janey, 1974.

le Farm from Episode 17 (11th December 1972) to Episode 130 (22nd January 1974). He was the village blacksmith and got married to Janie Harker in 1973 . He left Beckindale in January 1974 to be a teacher at a school in Essex. When Janie returned in 1986 for a short while her marriage to Frank had dissolved. Frank was played by Eric Allan.


Francis Edward Blakey


Janie Harker (1973-??)


Blacksmith, Teacher



First Appearance

No information

Last Appearance

No information

Played by

Eric Allan


Frank Edward Blakey was born in 1941.



Spouse Janie Harker (1973-??) Divorced by 1986

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