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Faith Dingle.

Faith Dingle is a character in Emmerdale, first appearing as recurring character in 2000 and 2004 and portrayed by Gillian Jephcott. She returned as a regular character in February 2017, now portrayed by Sally Dexter. Her first appearance was Episode 2798 (30th November 2000). She is the mother of Cain Dingle and Chastity Dingle and the former wife of Shadrach Dingle. She had an affair once with Shadrach's brother Zak in which Zak was Cain's father.



Born in the early 1950s. In 1973 as a young woman, Faith met Shadrach Dingle and they married. However in early 1974, Faith had an affair with her brother in law Zak Dingle and 9 months later, Faith gave birth to Cain. For years she let Shadrach think he was the father. In 1977, a girl, Chastity Dingle was born.

2000, 2004, 2017−Edit

Dingle, Faith-c2004

Faith Dingle. 2004.

Faith turned up in Emmerdale Village in November 2000. She left but again turned up in October 2004 for a Dingle shindig. This was her last visit to the village for the next 12 years.

In February 2017, Faith slept rough in the barn at her brother in law Zak's house and was looked after by her great granddaughter Sarah Sugden Jnr. She soon let her presence be known to her children and grandchildren such as Aaron. She started to cross swords with Emma Barton. Faith got hold of the late Edna Birch's diary. She then claimed she could contact the dead. Faith then overheard Emma confessing to God that she pushed her husband James Barton off a bridge. Faith actually did not hear the full story and assumed James had jumped. Emma breathed a huge sigh of relief. Chas has still not forgiven her mother Faith for the way she bought her up and abandoned her. Chas opened her heart to her mother, moaning to her. They were about to hug but Faith pulled away. Chas was angry but later on Faith looked at her chest where she had had a double mastectomy. Faith tried to explain to Chas but Chas kept butting in with smart remarks, so much so that Fairth told Moira Dingle and Moira told Chas. Chas softened towards her mother, also knowing that Faith donated to her great granddaughter's cancer treatment.

Faith started dating Rishi Sharma. She told him that she had had a double mastectomy. Rishi was initially put off by this. Faith begun dating Eric Pollard.

Memorable infoEdit

Born: About 1952

Full Name: Faith Dingle


Spouse Shadrach Dingle (1974-2004)

Children Cain Dingle (1974), Chas Dingle (1976)

Grandchildren Aaron Livesy, Debbie Dingle, Kyle Winchester

Great Grandchildren Sarah Sugden Jnr, Jack Sugden II

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