Emmie ernie shutleworth 1986

Ernie Shuttleworth (right) with Amos Brearly in 1986. Photo courtesy of Beckindale Bugle.

Ernest "Ernie" Shuttleworth was a character in Emmerdale who appeared in 40 episodes sporadically from May 1975 to August 1999. He was the landlord of Beckindale's rival pub, The Malt Shovel. He was a fierce rival of Amos Brearly at The Woolpack.

Ernie first appeared in Episode 242 (11th March 1975) played by actor John Comer. Ernie then appeared that May for 2 more episodes, played by Comer. The character returned over 8 years later in January 1984 played by Peter Schofield. Ernie often proved to be a thorn in Amos Brearly's side. ernie was known to be crafty and would pulla  few tricks in his time. One time he even changed the clock of the Woolpack when alone in the bar, so as to try and get Amos done for trading over licensed hours.

Ernie last appeared in Emmerdale in Episode 2568 (26th August 1999) at a cricket match between The Woolpack and The Malt Shovel. 24 years spanned between his first and last appearance.



Ernest Shuttleworth was born in about 1925 in Beckindale. He became the landlord of the Malt Shovel in 1943 as a young man.


In a March 1975 episode Am
Emmie ep 255

Ernie in 1975 as played by John Comer.

os was on the phone to Ernie. Ernie first appeared that month in 1975, returning again in May 1975, but was not seen again until January 1984 and he proved to be a rival for Amos and one time when he was alone in the Woolpack bar for a few minutes he adjusted the clock to try and get Amos done for having customers drink past the licensed closing time. Ernie's wife Doreen was seen in a 1984 episode.

Ernie appeared sporadically from 1984 to 1999 often at cricket matches between the regulars of the Woolpack and The Malt Shovel. Ernie was quite wily and sly. Ernie attended another cricket match in 1998 where he clashed with Alan Turner, who was by then the landlord of The Woolpack. Ernie attended another cricket match in 1999. Ernie was last seen in August 1999.

The fate of Ernie is not known as of 2018 but he is either retired or dead as a Warren Shuttleworth runs the pub, and he is probably Ernie's son.

First appearance, Episode 242 (11th March 1975)

Last appearance, Episode 2568 (26th August 1999)

Memorable info

Birthday: About 1925

Full Name: Ernest Shuttleworth


Spouse Doreen Shuttleworth

Children Warren Shuttleworth (unconfirmed, may be a nephew or grandson)