Emmie ep 9

Joe in hospital after the crash.

Joe SugdenHenry Wilks are both seriously ill after crashing their cars into each other at the entrance to Inglebrook. Joe is in a coma & has broken his right arm & some ribs. Wilks has a broken leg. Both the Sugden and Wilks families are upset. Tom Merrick tells Ruth about a car accident between Henry and one of the Sugden brothers. Tom taunts Ruth about the accident pretending that Jack Sugden was involved (Jack & Ruth were a couple before Jack left Beckindale 8 years ago). Jack helps Matt Skilbeck on the farm, but then hires Tom Merrick. There is a comic scene with Amos & village policeman PC Ball tasting a customers beer in The WoolpackMarian Wilks visits her father Henry Wilks in hospital, he says Joe was to blame for the accident.


Main cast

Guest cast

WRITER Kevin Laffan

DIRECTOR Gordon Flemyng

PRODUCER David Goddard.


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The customer in the Woolpack having his beer tasted by Amos and PC Ball was uncredited, therefore played by an unknown actor.