Emmie ep 83
Amy Postlethwaite is taken to Leeds, West Yorkshire. Joe Sugden drops her off outside the station and then parks in the car park of Sandford Leeds Ltd. He has borrowed Henry Wilks Land Rover and has Carol Benfield with him. He has other ideas than to drive back to Beckindale once dropping Amy off. He takes her to a remote part of the country and they sit by a stream. Mick Cavan, an Irishman arrives and says to a surprised Amos Brearly that he is Amos' stand in when he is away in York.


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Previous Episode Episode 82 (31st July 1973)Edit

Next Episode Episode 84 (7th August 1973)Edit


  • The actress playing Mrs Peters is uncredited even though she had 2 words of dialogue which was "Thank You"

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