Emmie 16 july 1973
Amos sees the article in the paper about the brewery takeover and he starts to panic. Alison tries to calm him down; Janie thinks that Frank is wasting his talents in the village just mending farm implements etc. He hasn't got the bottle to do anything about it; Matt and Peggy call round to see them and ask if Janie will be godmother to Sally. They have finally decided to have a christening. Later, Matt asks Annie to be godmother to both and Joe will be godfather to Sam; Joe is fishing with Bobby Benfield who is impatient. Joe finds out that he has been playing truant from school so Bobby runs away; Sam in nervous about his confirmation confirmation day; Bobby falls, hitting his head and soon bumps into Jack and tells him that Joe hit him across the face.

Dr Scott patches Bobby up who still insists that Joe hit him; Alison is enjoying working at the shop but Henry tries to insist that she doesn't make any long term plans and she realises that he is expecting more from her; Clare returns from seeing Mrs Benfield. Bobby has been playing truant since they came back from Ireland. Clare refuses Jack's offer to take her out; Sam's confirmation went well and Matt invites the family to Hawthorne Cottage for a bit of a do; Jack seeks refuge at the forge when it starts to rain; Alison tells Ruskin that Liz has refused private treatment by an osteopath because of the cost involved; Amos is less worried about a takeover now; Everyone goes back to the farm after the party at Hawthorn Cottage. Suddenly, Matt dashes in out of breath and tells them that Peggy has collapsed and that he cannot wake her.


Main Cast Edit

Jack - Andrew Burt

Annie - Sheila Mercier

Joe - Frazer Hines

Peggy - Jo Kendall

Matt - Frederick Pyne

Sam - Toke Townley

Wilks - Arthur Pentelow

Amos - Ronald Magill

Alison - Carolyn Moody

Frank - Eric Allan

Janie - Diane Grayson

Ruskin - George Little

Dr. Scott - Joanna Tope

Guest Cast Edit

Bobby - Michael Prince

Crew Edit

Created by Kevin Laffin

Script by - Ray and Juel Mansell

Film Cameraman - Frank Pockiington

Sound Recordist - Mike Donnelly

Film Editor - Peter M Taylor

Designers - Geoffrey Martin, Gordon Livesey

Title Music composed by Tony Hatch

Script Editor - David Crane

Executive Producer - Peter Holmans

Directed by David Green

Notes Edit

Final appearance of Peggy Skilbeck. Actress Jo Kendall had quit the show so Peggy was killed off. This is what started the "Sugden Curse" as it seemed close family members often died.

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