Emmie tom angry

Tom Merrick is angry to find that he is not Jackie's father.

Tom Merrick is on the warpath. He leaves the Woolpack and meets Seth Armstrong in Main Street and Seth says his Jackie is back at work. Outside the vicarage Pat is talking to Jack, unaware that Tom is stood by listening. As Jack gets in his Land Rover and drives off Tom goes into the vicarage to confront Pat. He tells her that Jackie came to see him and he still preferred him to his real father. Tom then angrily says how every time he looks at him he is reminded that he is not his father, just the man Pat conned into thinking he was. Tom then says if he had kept Jackie with him there may have come a time when he slipped up and revealed the truth. He then tells Pat if she has any love for Jackie she will not wed Jack Sugden and that Jackie hates him. He then says Jackie has been through enough without having Jack as Pat's husband. Tom then says if Jack upsets Jackie any more he will make him wish he never came back to Beckindale. Meanwhile Henry Wilks and Annie Sugden go for a dinner together in Hotten.


Guest cast

Writer - Kevin Laffan
Director - Mervyn Cumming
Producer - Anne W Gibbons
Executive Producer - Michael Glynn

Previous Episode Episode 710 (4th February 1982)Edit

Next Episode Episode 712 (11th February 1982)Edit

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