Emmie tom amos 1980

Tom Merrick in the Woolpack in 1980 chatting to Amos Brearly.

Amos Brearly is getting the Christmas decorations ready. at Emmerdale Farm, Jack jokes about Sam taking his time doing jobs. Meanwhile Tom Merrick walks back into The Woolpack after 8 years away from the village and Amos is suspicious of him and so is Seth Armstrong, in which Tom soon announces that as his wife Pat lives in the village he can pay a visit to it any time he likes. Later on Tom mocks the new NY Estates boss Richard Anstey after he walks out of the pub. Amos puts him right and also says that he is the one who is letting the caravan to Tom's wife and children. Tom says Amos should have said this so that he could have licked his boots. Tom then mocks Amos's spelling, of which Amos is not best pleased about. At the caravan later that night, Tom knocks on the door and comes in after Jackie lets him in. Pat especially is not pleased to see him.


Guest cast

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First appearance of Tom Merrick since Episode 12 (21 November 1972) and first appearance of Edward Peel in the role, the role had previously been played by Dave Hill.