Emmie maurice grant

Maurice Grant at Beckindale Surgery in 1973.

It is 6 weeks after the last ep (the party) ; cus Bess the dog. Sam Pearson is clearing out his personal effects box. It contains old photographs. Reverend Ruskin is trying to get through to the Bishop to ask for another curate Mr Eadie has left. He is having no luck. Liz nags at him to take some positive action as she says that there is too much work in the parish. Annie tells Sam that he should go & see Dr Grant about his chest which has not been right since he spent the night in the cowshed (he is 76) ; Sam finds his mum & dad's bible with details about the Pearson family in it ; he tells Penny about his family. He mentions Samuel Woodley (his grandfather on his mothers side, very strong & a churchgoer). He tells Penny that he would like to be confirmed before he " pops off ". David tells Amos that the Woolpack needs some ambience ; the Malt Shovel has better beer & a barmaid ; Amos is rude to a stranger in a suit ; he shows some interest in David's paintings ; Amosfinds out that the stranger is from the brewery, Nicholas Phelps ; he is devastated to hear that he is Sir Peter Cheveley's personal assistant from Head Office.

Amos calls to see Annie in a panic & tells her about the brewery visit ; he pleads for her to help him " can you make me 2 dozen sausage rolls for tonight " ; Annie laughs hysterically ; Reverend Ruskin is flapping again ; Liz talks to the doctor about Edward ; he assures her that Edward has been marvellous with a sick woman that afternoon (Mrs Teesdale),but that it is all a bit draining ; Mr Phelps really likes David's work ; he pays for David to go home to Wales to get his other paintings ; Penny gets a good price for his work ; Sam goes to the vicarage ; he asks Edward if he can be confirmed ; it was postponed during the first world war ; he leaves the family bible with him ; Liz has backache. Sam visits the doctor & is shocked to find that Dr Grant has been replaced Dr Scott - a woman.


TOKE TOWNLEY - Sam Pearson
RONALD MAGILL - Amos Brearly
GEORGE LITTLE - Reverund Edward Ruskin
LOUISA MARTIN - Penny Golightly
JOHN BOWN - Nicholas Phelps
ARTHUR HEWLETT - Dr Maurice Grant
JOANNA TOPE - Dr Clare Scott

Executive Producer - PETER HOLMANS

Previous Episode Episode 60 (15th May 1973)Edit

Next Episode Episode 62 (22nd May 1973)Edit


First appearance of Dr Claire Scott.

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