Everyone in Beckindale is busy at the WI Christmas Fair, but when Sam sees that Nellie Ratcliffe is missing he's
Emmie ep 490
worried about her.


Main Cast Edit

Annie - Sheila Mercier

Sam - Toke Townley

Matt - Frederick Pyne

Dolly - Katharine Barker

Wilks - Arthur Pentelow

Amos - Ronald Magill

Rev. Donald Hinton - Hugh Manning

Guest Cast Edit

Steve - David Griffin

Nellie - Gabrielle Blunt

Naomi - Pat Beckett

Crew Edit

Written by Malcom Lynch

Title Music - Tony Hatch

Series Created by Kevin Laffan

Script Associate - Michael Russell

Designer - Peter Cladwell

Executive Producer - David Cunliffe

Producer - Michael Glynn

Directed by Nick Gray

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