Emmie ep 457
Down at the Woolpack, Amos is collecting the mail from the front door, complaining that he always starts at sudden noises since the robbery. Wilks suggests he visits the doctor, which stirs Amos to feel that he's being got at. But what Amos is really miserable about is the fact that he thinks Wilks is to be asked to give Dolly away. It's clear that he'd like to.
Pip is preparing to leave Demdyke Row when her Tom Hawker barges in. At the same time Mrs Hawker arrives at the vicarage to speak to Hinton. She tells him that Tom Hawker has found one of the letters that Steve has wrote to her. In it he says that Pip is expecting a baby...his baby. They set off for Demdyke Row.


Previous Episode Episode 456 (15th June 1978)Edit

Next Episode Episode 458 (22nd June 1978)Edit


Teddy Turner makes one of 2 pre Bill Whiteley appearances as Tom Hawker.

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