Emmie real ep 320
Jack Sugden is ready to leave Beckindale again after his few weeks back. Meanwhile a disgruntled Robert Sharp is looking for Joe Sugden and seems to want to have some words to say to him about Christine. The following morning Jack gets into a taxi and leaves for the airport. The others all wave him off.


Sheila Mercier - Annie Sugden
Frazer Hines - Joe Sugden
Andrew Burt - Jack Sugden
Toke Townley - Sam Pearson
Frederick Pyne - Matt Skilbeck
Ronald Magill - Amos Brearly
Arthur Pentelow - Henry Wilks
Polly Hemingway - Kathy Gimbel
Richard Borthwick - Mel Openshaw
Bernard Kay - Robert Sharp
Alan David - Dick Robertshaw

Writer - Alick Rowe
Director - Nick Gray
Producer - Robert D Cardona
Executive Producer - David Cunliffe

Previous Episode Episode 319 (10th May 1976)Edit

Next Episode Episode 321 (17th May 1976)Edit


Last appearance of Jack Sugden until Episode 555 (19th February 1980) and final appearance of Andrew Burt in the role.

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