Emmie ep 311
Matt Skilbeck takes Rosemary Kendall for a drive in the village where they see Christine Sugden stood at the grave of Samuel and Sally Skilbeck. Matt goes to greet Christine at the grave where she offers her condolences. She kisses Matt. Later on Chrsitine meets Annie Sugden and tells her that her marriage to Joe has no hope. Jack Sugden sees Chrsitine by the river, his first meeting with his sister in law.


Toke Townley - Sam Pearson
Lesley Manville - Rosemary Kendall
Andrew Burt - Jack Sugden
Frederick Pyne - Matt Skilbeck
Sheila Mercier - Annie Sugden
Frazer Hines - Joe Sugden
Ronald Magill - Amos Brearly
Arthur Pentelow - Henry Wilks
Angela Cheyne - Christine Sugden
George Malpas - Barney

Writer - Jeremy Burnham
Director - Roger Cheveley
Producer - Robert D Cardona
Executive Producer - David Cunliffe

Previous Episode Episode 310 (30th March 1976)Edit

Next Episode Episode 312 (6th April 1976)Edit


Final appearance of Arncliffe in the village scenes for the show filmed on location. For a while after the February 1976 Woolpack move the odd scene filmed on location in Arncliffe was shoehorned into the programme. The scenes were probably the last ever scenes filmed in Arncliffe before the move of location scenes to Esholt. And they were edited into the show during Jack Sugdens return and Christine Sugden's return and immediate episodes afterwards.

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