Matt Skilbeck suspected that wife Peggy was pregnant and confided in Annie SugdenJack Sugden had no intention of helping out round the farm
Emmie episode 2

Screengrab from Episode 1.

and Henry Wilks found that he is now the legal owner of the farm and decided to tackle him on the right of way problem. Jack said Peggy could have the farm if it gave him a quiet life. Peggy revealed that she was pregnant. Marian Wilks seemed into Jack and quizzed Joe Sugden about him. Dead hens on Emmerdale Farm found by Joe caused concern. As Jack was walking through the countryside he came across the old mill and took a walk around while Marian was riding her horse across the shallow stream. Henry Wilks saw Jack and confronted him over the right of way.


Main cast

Guest cast

WRITER Kevin Laffan

DIRECTOR Tristan De Vere Cole

PRODUCER David Goddard.


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