Emmie ep 292
The Woolpack relocation seems certain but plans to achieve this are uncertain. At Holly Farm, Martin is ready to see Rosemary. Amos asks Mel if he believes in ghosts. Mel does not think the corn chandlers is haunted. Amos berates Mr Wilks for letting Walter in a minute early before opening time, saying rules are rules. Mr Wilks says he has had a look at the old corn chandlers and says it is a possibility. He says to Amos that a bolt on the front door is loose. Amos says he has been in this pub for 18 years. Mr Wilks says they will have a party on the last night at the current pub before moving the the new one. They even suggest one person carries a pit from the old to the new pub. Martin turns up at Emmerdale to see Rosemary, and he is not pleased.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - Kevin Laffan
Director - Nick Gray
Producer - Robert D Cardona
Executive Producer - David Cunliffe

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