Amos Brearly is serving at the pub and talking to a customer at The Woolpack when Henry Wilks recieves and urget phonecall and
Emmie ep 289
says he has to get to Emmerdale Farm. At the farm, Annie Sugden and Sam Pearson are in shock at Matt Skilbeck's twin children and his aunty Beattie Dowton have been killed at the smash at the level crossing. Annie is comforted by Sam. Matt is sat with Beth Openshaw in a car on a country road when a policeman comes up asking if he is Matt Skilbeck after he recognises the car. Matt spends the night walking on the moors, lost and lonely after finding out. He returns to Emmerdale Farm and Annie offers him a cup of tea. The family are in shock. Mr Wilks says he has expressed an interest in the old corn chandlers round the corner from the Woolpack. He is interested in that as the new premises for the new pub as a precautionary measure if they do have to move.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - Kevin Laffan
Director - Paddy Russell
Producer - Robert D Cardona
Executive Producer - David Cunliffe

Previous Episode Episode 288 (13th January 1976)Edit

Next Episode Episode 290 (20th January 1976)Edit

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