Emmie ep 21
Henry Wilks asks Joe Sugden if he would be interested in running Jamesons farm for him. Joe recommends Matt Skilbeck for the job. Jack Sugden tells Marian Wilks that she should put Joe straight about educating himself to impress Marian. Jameson questions Amos Brearly about Wilks. Annie Sugden & Joe row - "he's 'twixt & 'tween himself" she says. JanieFrank Blakey have a drink together in the Woolpack. Annie smiles. Jack drinks with Janie & Frank at Franks cottage. As he is browsing through Frank's collection of books, he notices one entitled 'Field of Tares' - it has his picture on the back cover. Wilks & Marian have a heart to heart and it seems that she has recently been engaged to someone who ran off & married another girl who was pregnant with his child. She is worried about Joe. Joe tells Matt that he has recommended him to be Wilks's new farm manager. Frank assures Jack that he will not tell anyone about the book.


Main cast

Guest cast

WRITER Kevin Laffan




Previous Episode Episode 20 (19th December 1972)Edit

Next Episode Episode 22 (2nd January 1973)Edit

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