Hunter Bell is aghast to find that he is only 67 years old and is too
Emmie ep 216
young to join the Over 70s club. He mulls over the situation over a pint in the Woolpack. The Beckindale residents are preparing for the Harvest Supper at the village hall. At the Supper the band play A Bicycle For Two. Jim Gimbel is upset to see his daughter Kathy Davis dancing with James Bonfils. Jim then almost lays into Matt Skilbeck after seeing him dance with his wife Freda GimbelAmos Brearly and Hunter Bell join the commotion later on.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - Gloria Tors

Director - David Reynolds

Producer - Robert D Cardona

Previous Episode Episode 215 (2nd December 1974)Edit

Next Episode Episode 217 (9th December 1974)Edit

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