Emmie ep 20
Sam Pearson is missing and Matt Skilbeck finds him unconscious in the cowshed. Henry sells his firm. Norman writes to tell Marian that he has moved to Denmark. Jack Sugden arrives back from London. He helps Marian to change a wheel on her car when she breaks down. Sam is told by his doctor to have complete rest. Matt mentions to Annie about making use of the parlour, but she doesn't want it touched. Marian and Jack make their peace. Harry Jameson comes to see Henry about the sale of his farm and agree a price. Janie and Frank have their first date - and first kiss. Joe talks to Matt about his hopes of taking a nightclass. Jack tells him to give up the idea as there is no point and they argue. Henry calls round to see Joe.


Main cast

Guest cast

WRITER: Neville Siggs

DIRECTOR: Tristan de Vere Cole

PRODUCER: David Goddard


Previous Episode Episode 19 (18th December 1972)Edit

Next Episode Episode 21 (1st January 1973)Edit

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