Emmie ep 182

Dry and Celia.

Dryden Hogben is in a dilemma. His fiancee Celia turns up at Emmerdale Farm. Dry says he likes the lifestyle he lives of travelling. He does not want his inheritance. Dry says for Ceila to tell his family that they can disperse his share of the inheritance. As they are talking, he says to Celia that she got him to ask her to marry him. Celia says that Dry loves her really and no matter where he goes she will track him down. Dry then gets up and walks out of the farmhouse for the last time. By chance at a sale Joe Sugden meets his father in law to be. They get chatting and when Joe says his name Robert Sharp asks if he is the same Joe who is seeing Christine. Robert actually advises him on marrying his daughter Christine saying it may be best not to marry her due to Christine's ambition.


Previous Episode Episode 181 (29th July 1974)Edit

Next Episode Episode 183 (5th August 1974)Edit


Final appearance of Dryden Hogben.

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