Emmie ep 169
Dryden Hogben arrives at The Woolpack with a loaf of bread. Ethel Ainsworth is in the back room. Amos reluctantly invites Dryden Hogben to dinner with him and Ethel as he does not want to have dinner alone with Ethel. At Emmerdale Farm, Sam wonders when Dry will start with the handyman jobs. Franklin Prescott does a deal with Dry. Joe Sugden goes to Bradford to get apint for the attic. When he returns he says he saw Ethel in a pub knocking back port and lemon, one after the other. Amos overhears this.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - David Crane
Director - Michael Snow
Producer - Robert D Cardona

Previous Episode Episode 168 (11th June 1974)Edit

Next Episode Episode 170 (18th June 1974)Edit

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