Emmie ep 168
Ethel Ainsworth is at The Woolpack and says she never wanted to marry Amos Brearly, all she saw in him was friendship. She said he was a lonely man who needed cheering up. The Sugdens get ready for their gathering at Emmerdale Farm. Henry Wilks seems to think that Dryden Hogben is trying to get the best price out of him for the attic conversion at Emmerdale by not naming a price. Dry says he is doing the work for free so he can prove himself. Ethel turns up again at The Woolpack to patch things up with Amos. Christine Sharp is now an employee at Emmerdale and is on the books.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer -

Director -

ProducerRobert D Cardona

Previous Episode Episode 167 (10th June 1974)Edit

Next Episode Episode 169 (17th June 1974)Edit

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