Emmie ep 149
Henry Wilks has left to spend a day in London before flying out to New Zealand. However a telegram arrives at Emmerdale Farm from his daughter Marian Wilks that she is not getting married after all. Henry has already left for London. Joe Sugden says they cannot ring every hotel in London asking for a Henry Wilks. Having got dosed up on cough medicine the previous night, getting drunk and having to open up to pub to irate customers wanting a drink, and having failed to take Ethel Ainsworth to the Wild Life Ball, a hungover Amos Brearly is nonplussed when she turns up unexpectedly at The Woolpack. Dryden Hogben and Alison Gibbons call round to see Diana Prescott and then Matt Skilbeck calls round and is not to pleased to see Dryden and Alison getting cosy together. He says he does not feel like staying and leaves.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - Neville Siggs
Director - David Reynolds
Producer - Robert D Cardona

Previous Episode Episode 148 (26th March 1974)Edit

Next Episode Episode 150 (2nd April 1974)Edit

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