Sam Pearson is startled to find that mystery man is still camped on a field on Emmerdale Farm land. He watches the
Emmie ep 133
man outside his tent from a distance as he is doing some digging. Later on in The Woolpack this man is chatting to Christine and introduces himself as Dryden Hogben when Joe Sugden walks in. Joe takes Christine for a meal in Hotten. Henry Wilks has also taken Alison Gibbons for a meal there and when Henry calls "Waiter" Joe and Christine notice he is there. As Joe and Christine come back to Emmerdale Farm Dryden Hogben asks for some water and says he is camping on the top field. Joe does not look pleased.


Guest cast None

Previous Episode Episode 132 (29th January 1974)Edit

Next Episode Episode 134 (5th February 1974)Edit


First appearance of Dryden Hogben.

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