Emmie ruth harker 1974

Ruth Merrick.

Ruth Merrick calls in on Emmerdale Farm to speak to Annie Sugden who is hostile towards her and says that it appears that as others are not interested in her woes that Ruth has come to "weep on her shoulder". She says how Tom Merrick bought a lady, Linda home one night and it made her realise why he had been spending so many nights out lately. At The Woolpack the regualrs hold a dominoes game. Janie Blakey and Frank Blakey discuss him moving away and she says that she wants to stay in the village. Matt Skilbeck announces that he is having the twins christened


Guest cast

Writer - Neville Siggs
Director - Michael Snow
Producer - Robert D Cardona

Previous Episode Episode 128 (15th January 1974)Edit

Next Episode Episode 130 (22nd January 1974)Edit

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