Emmie 14 jan 1974

Matt Skilbeck and Alison Gibbons.

Ruth Merrick is making her presence felt back in Beckindale having left her husband Tom, and the gossip spreads round the village. Matt Skilbeck invites Alison Gibbons to Emmerdale Farm where they have a chat.

Mr Wilks returns to Beckindale with good news but Amos Brearly is not so pleased. The contract is ready for Henry to buy half of The Woolpack. Amos is still sceptical about going into partnership. Rev Edward Ruskin sees the forge door open and comes in and sees Ruth Merrick has taken an overdose.

Emmie ruth merrick suicide attempt.

Ruth Merrick tries to kill herself, January 1974.


Guest cast

Previous Episode Episode 126 (8th January 1974)Edit

Next Episode Episode 128 (15th January 1974)Edit

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