Emmie farm 7 Jan 1974 episode

Sam and Annie at Emmerdale Farm, 7 Jan 1974.

At Emmerdale FarmMatt Skilbeck is out milking cows early in the morning. Ruth Merrick returns to Beckindale after over a year, having left her husband Tom. She has left the children with her aunty Mary. Janie Blakey is shocked that she has returned. Mr Wilks has some plans for Emmerdale Farm. Joe Sugden wants the land that the remains of the burned down Inglebrook is on to be part of Emmerdale land. Rev Edward Ruskin visits the forge and sees that Ruth Merrick is back. He asks a few questions and Ruth snaps saying she does not want to be cross questioned.


Guest cast None

Previous Episode Episode 124 (1st January 1974)Edit

Next Episode Episode 126 (8th January 1974)Edit


First appearance of Ruth Merrick since Episode 12 (21 November 1972).

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