Emmie ep 10
The Sugdens worry that Joe Sugden was driving under the influence of drink when driving up to Inglebrook. Over a meal, Jack Sugden and Marian Wilks chat and she finds that he is literary. He asks to stay the night. Marian refuses. Tom Merrick tells Ruth Merrick to come up with a box of sandwiches as an excuse to see Jack tomorrow. He remarks what a coincidence it is that his eldest son has the same name as Jack considering he was her former love. Matt Skilbeck goes for a job interview at Latters Steelworks in Bradford. He is not happy with factory work.


Main cast

Guest cast

WRITER Kevin Laffan

DIRECTOR Gordon Flemyng

PRODUCER David Goddard.


Places seenEdit

Previous Episode Episode 9 (13th November 1972)Edit

Next Episode Episode 11 (20 November 1972)Edit

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