Emmie sam and eli dingle

Eli, right, with Sam.

Eli Dingle was a character in Emmerdale from Episode 4409 and 4410 (13th July 2006) to Episode 5597 (30th April 2010). He was the younger brother of Marlon Dingle. Eli was scruffy and lazy, a typical Dingle. Eli was played by Joseph Gilgun.



Elijah Dingle was born in 1980.


Eli Dingle arrived in Emmerdale in 2006 to see his family. He has just been released from prison. Marlon was hostile as Eli was very selfish. But Eli was into drugs and was asked by Marlon to get some morphine from a friend to help Sam Dingle's terminally ill wife Alice Dingle to die.

Memorable infoEdit


Father Albert Dingle

Mother Delilah Dingle Snr

Siblings Marlon Dingle

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