Edward "Ed" Hathersage was a minor character in Emmerd
Emmie ep 538

Ed, left, with Maurice Westrop.

ale Farm during May and June 1979. Ed was an American but his father originated from Beckindale and had gone to America in about 1920. Ed came to Beckindale after hearing of his uncle John Hathersage's death. Ed was played by Paul Maxwell.



Edward Hathersage was born in about 1925 in America to an English immigrant father who originated from Beckindale, Yorkshire, England. Ed always knew of Beckindale and the Hathersage Farm in the village.


Ed turned up in Beckindale in June 1979 upon the death of his uncle John.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: About 1925

Full Name: Edward Hathersage


Father Mr Hathersage

Uncles John Hathersage



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