Emmie dr claire scott

Dr Claire Scott.

Dr Clare Scott was a character in Emmerdale Farm in 1973. She appeared in 19 episodes. She first appeared at the end of Episode 61 (21 May 1973) when Sam Pearson went to see the doctor about his chest and last appeared that October although she remained in Beckindale until 1977 when she was replaced by Dr Jacobs. Dr Scott was born in London in 1942/43 and is the daughter of Sir Gerald Scott. She took over from 70 year old Dr Grant when he retired to Eastbourne and developed a friendship with Jack Sugden. Dr Scott was played by Joanna Tope.



Dr Claire Scott was born Claire Scott in London in 1942/1943. She was the daughter of Sir Gerald Scott and Mavis Scott and followed her father into the medical profession. She was posted to Beckindale in Yorkshire in 1973.


30 year old Dr Scott took over from 70 year old Dr Grant when he retired to Eastbourne in May 1973 and she developed a friendship with Jack Sugden. She also helped Charlie Nelson when he twisted his ankle and suggested that he go into an old peoples home. She last appeared in Episode 105 (22nd October 1973).


Dr Scott was not seen on screen after 1973 but was mentioned a few times until she left Beckindale in 1977. In March 1976 Dr Evans treated car crash victim Heather Bannerman at Emmerdale Farm while Dr Scott was still the village GP. Perhaps she was unavailable that day. Although Dr Scott was mentioned as being in attendance in April 1976 when Bella Ryland was dying of cancer.

By 1978, Dr Scott had left Beckindale and was never seen or heard from again.

First appearance Episode 61 (21 May 1973)

Last appearance Episode 105 (22nd October 1973)

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 1943

Full Name: Claire Scott


Father Sir Gerald Scott

Mother Mavis Scott




Gallery Edit

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