Douglas Potts is a character in Emmerda
Emmie douzza potts

Douglas Potts.

le from Episode 4663 (30th April 2007) to Episode 5843 (14th February 2011) and returned in Episode 6967 (9th September 2014). He was the father of Laurel Thomas nee Potts and Hilary. Doug fancied Diane Sugden and when she romanced Charlie Haynes Doug interfered and made a fool of himself. Doug is played by Duncan Preston.



Douglas Potts was born in 1946



Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 1946

Full Name: Douglas Potts


Grandmothers Gladys

Spouse Hilary Potts (1967-2008)

Children Caroline Swann, Laurel Thomas

Grandchildren Edward Swann, Arthur Thomas

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