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Dolly Skilbeck (Katherine Barker). April 1978.

Dolly Skilbeck (nee Acaster) was a character in Emmerdale from Episode 338 (22nd February 1977) to Episode 1583 (15th August 1991). She was married to Matt Skilbeck from 1978, but, her marriage in tatters, she began divorce proceedings in late 1989. She left Beckindale in 1991 to join Matt at his sheep farm in Norfolk.

Dolly was one of a few Emmerdale characters to be played by two different actors - originally Katharine Barker played the role, but Jean Rogers replaced her in 1980, remaining with the show until 1991.

Dolly Skilbeck


July, c1947


Matt Skilbeck (1978-1990), 1992-present)


Mr Acaster and Phyllis Acaster


Jessie Renfrew

First Appearance


Last Appearance

15th August 1991



Character Classification

Former; regular.


Graham Lodsworth (1968), Sam Skilbeck II (1982)



Emmie dolly

Dolly Skilbeck (Jean Rogers) in 1986.

Dolly Acaster was born in about 1947 in Darlington to Mr Acaster and Phyllis Acaster nee Renfrew. Dolly was never baptised in childhood. In 1967 Dolly had a relationship with Richard Roper and she had a son in 1968. He was adopted soon after to a Lodsworth family. Dolly worked for a pub in Darlington in the 1970s.


Dolly Acaster started working for Amos Brearly at The Woolpack Inn in Beckindale after being transferred there by the brewery. She hated Amos's pernickety ways and went back to Darlington but soon returned to Beckindale. She started work at Emmerdale Farm. She began dating farmer Matt Skilbeck. They married in June 1978.

Dolly was staked by her long lost son Graham Lodsworth in December 1986. He was an army deserter.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: July 1945/1946 or 1947

Full Name: Dorothy Skilbeck (Nee Acaster)


Father Mr Acaster

Mother Phyllis Acaster

Spouse Matt Skilbeck (1978-1989, 1992-)

Children Graham Lodsworth (1968), Sam Skilbeck II (1982)

Aunts/Uncles Jessie Renfrew

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