Emmie diane

Diane Sugden in 2013.

Diane Sugden is a character in Emmerdale who has appeared in the show since 23rd November 1999. She is the sister of Val Pollard nee Lambert and was married to Jack Sugden from 2006 to his death in 2009. Diane ran the Woolpack with Chas Dingle for a number of years but sold her share to Charity Dingle in 2016. Diane is played by Elisabeth Estensen.



Diane Lambert was born on the 21st June 1947 in Newcastle. The family lived in a 2 up and 2 down house with a outside loo behind the ginnel. In 1955 aged 8, Diane lied at school and said that she lived in a posh house. In 1957, Diane's sister Valerie Lambert was born.


Emmie diane and marlon 2003

Diane with Marlon outside the pub during the storm in 2003.

Diane Blackstock arrived in the village in late 1999 to see her daughter Bernice.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 21st June 1947

Full Name: Diane Sugden (Formerly Blackstock, nee Lambert)


Siblings Val Pollard

Spouse Rodney Blackstock (1966-1974), Jack Sugden (2004-2009)

Children Bernice Blackstock (1968)

Grandchildren Gabby Thomas, Diane

Nephews/Nieces Paul Lambert, Sharon Lambert

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