Emmie demdyke in snow 1979

Demdyke Row in the snow in 1979.

Demdyke Row was a row of cottages in Beckindale. It was the home of a few Beckindale residents who lived in each of the 6 cottages including Percy Edgar until his death in 1976, Joe Sugden in the 1970s and Seth and Meg Armstrong from 1952 until the row was destroyed in the plane crash in 1993.

Tall Trees, behind the cricket pavilion.

Demdyke Row was hit by wreckage from the plane in the plane crash in December 1993, and the part that was destroyed was never rebuilt, however it is strongly possible that Tall Trees Cottages, at the back of the village is the remainder of Demdyke Row. This has never been confirmed in the show but has been hinted at.


Demdyke Row was built sometime inbetween 1700 and the late 1800s. The row of cottages was a few hundred yards from the main village. For decades, Percy Edgar lived in one of the houses. In 1952, Seth Armstrong and his new wife Meg moved into No 6.


In 1977, elderly Hotten Courier's Beckindale correspondent Percy Edgar lived at a cottage in Demdyke Row. He died that year and his journalist position was handed to local landlord Amos Brearly, co landlord of The Woolpack with Henry Wilks. Joe Sugden and Kathy Gimbel moved into a cottage in Demdyke Row, much to the chagrin of Kathy's sociopathic father Jim Gimbel, even though Kathy was 25.

Destruction of the cottages in the plane crashEdit

Emmie demdyke half demoished

The partially wrecked Demdyke Row after the plane crash.

Demdyke Row was demolished (or mostly demolished) in January 1994 just after the plane crash. Joe Sugden went to live with Jack, and Seth moved in with his old fiancee Betty Eagleton. Nick Bates moved into his old home at Victoria Cottage.

The remainder of Demdyke was supposedly demolished.


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5 Demdyke row

6 Demdyke row

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