Demdyke is a small sub parish on the other side

Demdyke Row.

of Mill Cottage to Main Street, in Emmerdale formerly Beckindale until 1994. It consisted of Demdyke Row and Demdyke Tip, the local landfill site. Demdyke Row was a row of 6 properties and in the 1970s it houses Seth Armstrong and his family, Joe Sugden and Kathy Gimbel and Simon Madden.

Demdyke Row was partially destroyed in the plane crash and Tall Trees Cottage is likely the remainder of Demdyke Row. At the end of Main Street near the footbridge is a sign pointing towards Tall Trees Cottage saying Demdyke.

In the 1980s, Demdyke was said to have a pub The Demdyke Arms.

Demdyke still gets referred to on occasions.

History and Facts

  • In 2007, To help Bob, who has forgotten to buy a cake for his twins' Christening, Marlon and Terry buy and revamp a wedding cake from a shop in Demdyke (episode 4665).
  • In 2016, a police woman mentioned Cain Dingle's car had ben found at the bottom of Demdyke Lake (Episode 7654).

Notable places

Background Information.

According to a 1976 map of the fictional village of Beckindale, the old Woolpack was behind Demdyke Row.

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