Connelton is a village in between Emmerdale and Hotten. It is bigger than Emmerdale and is
Emmie sign to connelton

The signpost in Emmerdale showing the way to Connelton.

sometimes mentioned by Emmerdale residents.

History and FactsEdit

  • In 1972, Jack Sugden mentions a country hotel called The Feathers (episode 4) to Wallace so he can meet with Lynne Sugden (as seen in episode 8).
  • in 1973, Janie Blakey mentions that supposed wealthy businessman, Keith Prewitt, in fact used to own corner shoe shop in Connelton (episode 77).
  • In 1991, Connelton had a pub called The Black Dog. Carol Nelson said she had spoken to the manager and at that time was, allegedly, looking for a bar maid and waiter. N.B. The latter info may have been a bluff on Carol's part to help persuade Alan Turner to let Mark Hughes off early (episode 1600).
  • In 1998 it was revealed that one of the cottages in Emmerdale was named Connelton View. This must indicate a view of Connelton from the back of the house. Connelton View is one of the houses in the row of houses which is immediately left of Cafe Hope.
  • According to Marlon Dingle, half a mile [from Emmerdale village] up Connelton Lane is the location of Home Farm (episode 4958).
  • There is church called St Margaret's (mentioned in episode 2110).
  • Katie Sugden advises Jonny Foster not to go to the charity shop in Connelton but her reason of why is interrupted (episode 5052).
  • Brenda mentions there is a tea dance the next afternoon in Connelton (episode 7368).
  • Connelton has its own railway station. Ronnie Hale got a train from Connelton in August 2017.

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