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Charity Dingle (previously Tate, Sharma and Macey) is a character in Emmerdale who first appeared in Episode 2674 (30th March 2000). She has been involved in some really big storylines and has recenty married businessman Jai Sharma. She has been involved in high profile stories such as her lesbian affair with Zoe Tate, her marriage to Zoe's brother Chris Tate and the arrival of her long lost daughter Debbie. Charity left in Episode 3987 (1st March 2005) but returned in Episode 5414 (1st October 2009). She was married to Home Farm owner Declan Macey but in true style, the marriage did not last long. Charity is the queen of sarcastic put downs and is a superbitch who makes Kim Tate look soft. Charity is played by actress Emma Atkins.



Charity Dingle was born on the 9th January 1976, the daughter of Obadiah Dingle and Kathleen Dingle, Obediah being the first cousin of Zak Dingle. In 1989 Charity, whilst still a teenager had a fling with her second cousin Cain Dingle, who then believed his father was Shadrach Dingle, another brother of Zak. Cain and Charity's fathers were first cousins. Her
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Charity in 1990.

parents threw her out and she gave he baby up for adoption. Charity later worked as a prostitute. In March 1990, Charity was later raped and abused by a young police officer Mark Bails. Charity reported Bails for assault but not the rape. Bails kept his job but his wife and child left him. On the 31st December 1990, 9 months after her ordeal with Bails was over, Charity gave birth to a baby boy. She was not sure if Bails was the father. Due to the baby being born not breathing, he was taken away to an incubator. Later on, Charity saw the nurses give CPR to a baby in the neonatal unit and she thought it was her son. It was actually another baby, and Charity's son survived. Irene Stocks, the midwife, took baby Ryan on as her own.

Charity survived for years working as a prostitute. In March 2000, 24 year old Charity heard that her cousin Butch Dingle had been killed in a bus crash and decided to attend his funeral.


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Charity Dingle in 2000.

Charity Dingle arrived in the village shop in late March 2000, asking Viv if she sold flowers. The same day, she and her cousin Cain Dingle attended the funeral of their cousin Butch Dingle. She had been working as a prostitute and one of her clients arrived, looking for her. He demanded £500 off her but Eric Pollard bailed her out. Charity then asked her uncle Zak if she could stay. Zak agreed. Soon Charity began a relationship with Chris Tate, whom Cain blamed for Butch Dingle's death, as it was one of Chris' faulty haulage lorries that cause the bus crash. Chris's sister Zoe Tate also disapproved of the relationship. Zoe bribed Charity to leave Chris but Charity refused. However, Zoe and Charity became close and started an affair. Chris found out and forgave her. Later on Chris Tate proposed and Charity accepted. Charity Dingle became Mrs Chris Tate in 2001 when they married. The feud between Chris and Cain continued. In 2002, Charity and Chris eventually realize that Zoe is ill and she has to be sectioned. While in hospital, Zoe is diagnosed with schizophrenia. Charity supports Zoe when she realizes she is pregnant and considers giving the baby up for adoption, revealing she had a baby girl that she put up for adoption.

In late 2002, Charity is shocked to find that Debbie Jones is her long lost daughter. Charity later gets custody of Debbie from Paddy and Emily Kirk and Chris suggests adopting her. Charity cheats on Chris again when she sees Cain behind Chris' back. In 2003 Chris dies from a brain tumour but wants to frame Charity for his death. He kills himself and calls her a "whore". In February 2004, Charity gave birth to their son Noah Tate.

Charity set her sights on rich businessman Tom King. Tom's daughter in law Sadie King dislikes Charity and tries to sabotage them. Unfortunately this doesn't work and Sadie is forced to accept that Charity is Tom's new partner. Eventually Tom proposes and Charity accepts but Sadie refuses to accept this and hires Cain to kiss Charity in front of a photographer and shows the pictures to Tom. He calls the wedding off, leaving Charity furious. Knowing Sadie is responsible, they fight before she returns to the Dingles. In revenge, Charity has an affair with Sadie's husband Jimmy King, looking for something to use against Sadie. She is thrilled when Jimmy tells her that although he thought they were trying for a baby, she is still having contraceptive injections. Charity records Jimmy talking about this and her plan to set Charity up. Initially, she simply blackmails Jimmy but then plays the video at a party and Tom throws them out before begging her to give him another chance but she refuses and leaves with Noah, she drives off into the night.

A couple of months after leaving Emmerdale, Debbie Dingle gave birth to Sarah Sugden Jnr. So Charity became a grandmother at just 29. Well she is a Dingle after all (Ducks from Cain's punches).


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Charity Tate at her wedding to Jai Sharma, 2012.

In 2009, after over 4 years away from Emmerdale, Charity returned to the village shortly after her lover cousin Cain returned. She began a relationship with factory boss Jai Sharma. Charity worked for King Haulage but bullied the secretary Edna Birch.

In March 2013 when Jai returned, Charity confessed she slept with Declan Macey. Charity and Jai divorced and the greedy minx then married rich Declan Macey. Their marriage did not last long and in October 2014 he tried to kill her but she escaped.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 9th January 1976

Full Name: Charity Dingle (later Tate, Sharma and Macey)


"I dont suppose you sell flowers?" First line, to Viv Windsor.

"What do you fancy? G&T? LGBT?" to Vanessa Woodfield who was still questioning her sexuality at the time.


Father Obadiah Dingle

Mother Kathleen Dingle

Grandfathers Bert Dingle

Grandmothers Jessie Dingle

Great grandfathers Jonah Dingle

Great grandmothers Mrs Dingle

Spouse Chris Tate (2001-2003), Jai Sharma (2012-2014), Declan Macey (2014-2015)

Children Debbie Dingle (1989; with Cain Dingle), Ryan Stocks (1990; probably with DI Bails), Noah Macey (2004; with Chris Tate), Moses Dingle (2015; with Ross Barton)

Grandchildren Sarah Sugden Jnr, Jack Sugden Jnr.


Great Uncles Jedediah Dingle

First cousins once removed Albert Dingle, Shadrach Dingle, Zak Dingle, Zebediah Dingle, Ezra Dingle

Second cousins Cain Dingle

Stepchildren Joseph Tate, Archie Breckle

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