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Carl King.

Carl Thomas King was a character in Emmerdale having first appeared in Episode 3657 (9th February 2004). His last appearance was Episode 6371/6372 (17th October 2012). He was the first member of the King family to appear in the show. Carl has been responsible for the death of his father Tom King and was there when Paul Marsden died. In October 2012, Carl King was murdered by Cameron Murray after becoming increasingly unpopular with him and other villagers. He was played by Tom Lister.



Carl King was born on the 19th July 1973 the third son of Tom and Mary King (Nee McSween). The family lived in Beckindale until about the 1980s when they moved away. Mary King died in 1986. Carl married Coleen in 1998 and they had two children Thomas and Anya King.


Emmie carl king

Carl King.

Carl was the first member of the King family to arrive in Emmerdale as the new driver for Tate Haulage. However, no one is aware that he is there as a spy, reporting it back to his family business, King & Sons. Carl learns what Tate Haulage plan to bid for a new contract and, with this information, his family revise their bid and win the contract.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 19th July 1973

Died: 17th October 2012 (Aged 39)

Full Name: Carl Thomas King


Father Tom King

Mother Mary King

Siblings Jimmy King, Matthew King, Max King, Scarlett Nicholls (half, same father)

Grandfathers Albert King

Spouse Colleen King

Children Thomas King (1996), Anya King (1998)

Great aunts Phyllis King

Nephews/Nieces Angelica King, Elliot Windsor