Brook Cottage.

Brook Cottage is a cottage in Emmerdale which is currently unoccupied. Brook Cottage is at the head of Main Street, Emmerdale.
Emmie brook cottage 1975

Sam Pearson outside Brook Cottage in 1975, next to the shop.

Emmie brook cottage 1976

Brook Cottage in 1976. PC Croft looking on at it.

Backstory before 1972Edit

In the late 1930s a Mr Patterson lived at the cottage and fought at Dunkirk in 1940 in which he saved his batallion but lost a leg. After the war he returned to Beckindale and was nicknamed Peg Leg Patterson. He died in the house.

Storylines Edit

1972-2004 Edit

2004 Edit

2016 Edit

In January 2016, Ashley Thomas, Laurel Dingle, Sandy Thomas and Arthur Thomas move out of the cottage to move back into Mulberry Cottage.

Neighbouring PropertiesEdit

No properties are adjoining but Brook Cottage is at an angle behind Cafe Main Street.

Known residents over the yearsEdit

  • 1940 Mr Patterson "Peg Leg" Patterson
  • 2014 Megan Macey
  • 2014 Declan Macey
  • 2014 Tracey Shankley
  • 2014 Robbie Lawson
  • 2014-15 Harriet Finch
  • 2014-16 Ashley Thomas
  • 2015-16 Sandy Thomas