William "Bill" Whiteley was a character in Emmerdale
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Bill Whiteley.

from Episode 1323 (8th February 1989) to Episode 1488 (13th September 1990). He was the grandfather of Pete Whiteley and had a weird sense of humour and was obsessed with death. He died in late 1991 in his sleep. Bill was played by Teddy Turner who had previously acted as Tom Hawker in 2 episodes of Emmerdale Farm in 1978.


Bill Whiteley


31st October, 1918, Beckindale, Yorkshire


30th July, 1991


A son


Pete Whiteley



Played by

Teddy Turner


Bill Whiteley was born on the 31 October 1918. He married and had a son in about 1940 who in turn married and had a son Pete Whiteley in 1963. Bill lived in Beckindale for many years.


Bill first appeared in February 1989. He was a 70 year old man and had lived in the village for many years beforehand. He was the grandfather of Pete Whiteley. Bill had an obsession with death and he had a weird sense of humour.

Bill died offscreen in Episode 1578 (30th July 1991).

Memorable infoEdit

Born: 31st October 1918

Died: 30th July 1991 (Aged 72)

Full Name: William Whiteley

Bill was first mentioned in 1987 when vet Ruth Pennington had a call out there. In May 1986, a Michael Whiteley wed Janet Bulstrode, and Reverend Donald Hinton had to borrow Seth's bike.

In January 1974, Frank Blakey did a war memorial for Beckindale residents who died in WW2. One of the names was Harold Whiteley. Maybe Bill's brother.


Children Mr Whiteley

Grandhildren Pete Whiteley

Great Grandchildren Pete Whiteley Jnr

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