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Biff Fowler.

Brian Ian Francis "Biff" Fowler was a character in Emmerdale from Episode 1850 (10th March 1994) to Episode 2559 (5th August 1999) followed by a brief return in 2005 for Seth Armstrong's funeral. Biff last appeared in Episode 4193 (1st November 2005). He dated Jessica McAllister and Kathy Tate but jilted her at the wedding in 1999. He was played by Stuart Wade.



Brian Ian Francis Fowler was born on the 9 August 1976. His father Ron Hudson had walked out on Brain's mother Sandra Fowler when she was pregnant. As he got older, Brian was known as Biff, which was his initials. Biff went to school with Luke McAllister when the McAllister's moved to Yorkshire in 1993. Biff was a biker.


Biff arrived in Beckindale in 1994.

2005 and laterEdit


Father Ron Hudson

Mother Sandra Fowler

Spouse Linda Fowler (1996)

Uncles Mr Hudson