Emmie beryl crossie

Beryl Crossthwaite.

Beryl Crossthwaite was a minor character in Emmerdale Farm in 1973. She was the mother of Sharon Crossthwaite and the wife of Ronnie Crossthwaite. Beryl was a second cousin of Annie Sugden. After their daughters murder, the Crossthwaites left Beckindale in 1973. In 1974 Franklin Prescott and his wife Diana moved into the Crossthwaite's old cottage. Beryl was played by Joan Scott.



Beryl was born in about 1930 in Beckindale. One of her parents was the first cousin of Grace Pearson nee Armitage. One of Annie Pearson's grandparents and Beryl's grandparents were siblings. Annie and Beryl shared 2 great grandparents.


Memorable infoEdit


Spouse Ronnie Crossthwaite (c1950-After 1973)

Children Sharon Crossthwaite (1955)

Second cousins Annie Sugden

Second cousins once removed Jack Sugden, Joe Sugden, Peggy Skilbeck

Second cousins twice removed Jackie Merrick, Robert Sugden, Victoria Sugden, Samuel and Sally Skilbeck



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