Bella Ryland was an unseen character in Emmerdale Farm who was the wife of Tad Ryland. She died in April

Bella Ryland


April 1976


Tad Ryland (??-1976)


Nicki Ryland


Nan Wheeler

Played by


1976 after a long battle with cancer.

Bella was never seen or heard but Tad and Nan were seen going upstairs and downstairs to tend to her, and Nan came down to see Tad when Bella took a turn for the worse.


Bella met Thomas Andrew Daniel Ryland in the 1940s and they married. Thomas was known as Tad, due to the initials of his 3 first names. Tad was 19 when he married Bella. They had a daughter Nikki Ryland in 1949.

By early 1975, Bella started to become ill. She became bedridden as she had cancer.


Bella had been ill for a year by March 1976 and her cousin Nan Wheeler took care of her, becoming her nurse. Bella was bedridden and her cancer was terminal, and was admitted to hospital after taking a turn for the worse. Bella died a few days later.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: About 1920

Died: April 1976

Full Name: Bella Ryland (Unknown Maiden Name)


Spouse Tad Ryland

Children Nikki Ryland (1949)

Cousins Nan Wheeler