Archie's Hill is a moor on the edge of Emm
Emmie ep 1934

Seth and Nick on Archie's Hill in 1994.

erdale Village. It was named in 1994 after Archie Brooks, a villager who was killed when a plane crashed into the village in December 1993. Archie, having just had a row with Seth and Turner in the pub, was walking on the moor with his friend Nick following him, when he was engulfed in flames and vapourised by fuel from the burning airliner.



In 1986, a group of gypsies camped on the land for a while. Amos Brearly entertained them. They gypsies left the area soon after and gave Amos a parting gift.


Emmie archie blown up plane crashh

Archie Brooks is vapourised by aviation fuel.

After a row with Alan Turner in The Woolpack on the night of the plane crash, Archie Brooks walked out and Nick Bates followed him. He tried to talk him round and to return to the pub. Nick followed Archie onto a hill just outside the village. Nick was then blinded by aviation fuel and then a fireball engulfed the moor, supposedly incinerating Archie. Archie's body was never found which strongly suggests he was vapourised.

Memorable infoEdit

Archie's Hill seems to be behind Main Street, Emmerdale, near The Woolpack.