Emmie Antony Moeketski

Mr Moeketski with Seth Armstrong.

Antony Moeketski was an African teacher who stayed in Beckindale for a month or so in the spring of 1978. He helped Seth Armstrong to read and write. He also helped Rev Hinton in his investigation to identify the body buried behind the Woolpack. The body was an ancestor of Sam Pearson.

He was posted to a job in Wales and left Beckindale shortly afterwards, never to be seen again.
Emmie mr moeketski 1978

Mr Moeketski at Beckindale vicarage, 1978.

Antony was played by Oscar James who went to star in EastEnders as Tony Carpenter from 1985 to 1987.




Memorable infoEdit

In one episode, Mr Moeketski humourously put on a Yorkshire accent.