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Alex Moss with Moira Barton.

Alex Moss was a character in Emmerdale who first appeared on the 12th April 2011. He worked as a farmhand at Butlers Farm. He was a Liverpuddlian and dated Victoria Sugden. He was one of 3 people murdered by Cameron Murray on the 24th December 2012 after Cameron confessed to him that he killed Carl King and when Alex was aghast at this, Cameron was worried that he'd go to the police so he kidnapped him and killed him after he tried to escape by luring Cameron into untying him. Cameron buried the body in the woods. He later killed Gennie Walker after she found out his secret before he died during an armed siege. Alex was played by actor Kurtis Stacey.


Alex Moss was born in about 1991 in Liverpool. He moved to Yorkshire as a young man.


Alex arrived in Emmerdale in April 2011 to work at Butlers Farm. He soon became a babe magnet as he was hunky. Alex was a bit of a rebel, too.

Aftermath of his murderEdit

After Cameron Murray murdered Alex, Declan Macey announced his plans to build a camp site to run alongside his festival, 'Home Fields' using the very woods where Alex's body was buried.  Alex was the second of 3 people to be killed by Cameron Murray.

Memorable infoEdit


Grandmothers Beattie Dixon

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