Dingle, Albert-c2004

Albert Dingle.

Albert Ezekiel Dingle was a character in Emmerdale between 1995 and 1998, returning briefly in 2004. He was played by Bobby Knutt.

Albert is the brother of Zak Dingle, a long-running character in Emmerdale, and father to Marlon and Eli.



Albert Dingle was born on the 20th January 1946 in Beckindale, the eldest child of Jedediah Dingle and Peg Dingle.


Albert Dingle

Albert Dingle in 1997.

Albert arrived in Emmerdale in December 1995 and was punched by Zak.

Memorable infoEdit


Father Jedediah Dingle

Mother Peg Dingle

Siblings Shadrach Dingle, Zak Dingle, Ezra Dingle, Caleb Dingle, Zebediah Dingle

Grandfathers Jonah Dingle

Spouse Delilah Dingle Snr

Children Marlon Dingle (1974), Eli Dingle (1980)

Grandchildren Leo Goskirk, April Windsor


Gallery Edit

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