Publicity shot of Adam Barton. circa 2009.

Adam John Barton is a character in Emmerdale. He has appeared since 2009 and one of his earliest storylines was being involved in the war between his family and Declan Macey and then blaming Cain Dingle for his fathers death in 2012, even torching his garage, due to Cain sleeping with Moira before John died. Adam has now become good friends with village villain Robbie Lawson. Since finding out his "uncle" James Barton is his father, Adam has developed a more villainous streak, dabbling in drugs. Adam will leave in 2018. Adam is played by Adam Thomas.




Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: April 1992

Full Name: Adam John Barton


Father James Barton

Mother Moira Barton

Adoptive father/biological uncle John Barton

Siblings Hannah Barton, Holly Barton (half, same mother), Pete Barton, Ross Barton, Finn Barton (half, same father)

Wife Victoria Sugden (2015-)

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