2009 was Emmerdale's thirty eighth year in production. This year saw the funeral of long standing character Jack Sugden and the final appearance of his mother Annie Sugden.

  • January, Mark and Natasha Wylde and their children Nathan, Maisie and Will moved into Home Farm.
  • 5 February, Jack Sugden died.
  • 10th February, Jack Sugden was buried. His mother Annie returned to Emmerdale for the funeral.
  • 17 March, Faye Lamb appears in the village as a mystery acquaintance of Mark Wylde.
  • June, Faye Lamb's son Ryan turned up in the village.
  • July, Alan Turner's old biker mate Eddy Fox turned up in the village.
  • 3rd August Lily Butterfield and Eddy Fox left the village. Alan Turner accompanied them to go travelling.

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